Finding a Teacher

Finding a teacherPractice leaders are available to meet with those who are actively exploring zen practice at  the San Francisco Zen Center.   Before seeking practice discussion with a practice leader it is requested to please come to a Saturday morning program at either City Center or Green Gulch Farm and take zazen instruction as a beginning step.  Then attend public programs, either a Saturday morning at City Center or a Sunday morning at Green Gulch Farm at least 2 or 3 times.  Begin to sit meditation at home. Start reading Dharma teachings, perhaps "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" or any of the wide array of books available on the subject of zen practice. San Francisco Zen Center has many ways to explore zen practice, including beginner's sittings, classes, and online practice periods.   There are also a variety of practice affinity groups, such as Young Urban Zen, Saturday Sangha, Thursday Meditation, conversation, and Tea, Zen en Espanol,  Queer Dharma, and others.  These groups meet regularly to support entering, establishing, and deepening zen practice.

Once these beginning steps have been taken, San Francisco Zen Center encourages practitioners to discuss their practice with a practice leader.  They are available for either formal or informal discussion.  Please contact their attendant, as listed below, or, if they don't have an attendant they can be contacted directly or through the front office, to make an appointment.

Practice Leaders at City Center

To schedule a practice discussion with any of the the following practice leaders please contact their attendants via email:

Ed Sattizahn, Central Abbot |  please contact Eli-Brown Stevenson

Paul Haller, Senior Dharma Teacher | please contact

David Zimmerman, Central Abbot | please contact

Tim Wicks, Tanto (Head of Practice) | please contact

Victoria Austin | please contact Benjamin Patterson

For all other practice leaders please contact the front office to inquire about scheduling a practice discussion | or 415-863-3136.

Keith Baker is Deaf and capable of ASL. He offers practice discussion via ASL and text-based communication.