Sozan Miglioli

Originally from Argentina, Sozan Miglioli began his Zen practice and received the precepts in the Deshimaru lineage. He graduated in Business Administration in Buenos Aires in 1995 and worked in marketing for international corporations before founding his advertising company in 1999, with offices in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and Mexico City. Sozan first discovered San Francisco Zen Center in 2013 while on his honeymoon and in 2014 completed his first practice period at City Center. After living in Japan for six months, Sozan and his wife Paula Pietranera became residents at San Francisco Zen Center in 2015. He then lived at Tassajara for a year and a half, completing three practice periods. Sozan received priest ordination in the Shunryu Suzuki Roshi lineage in 2017. He served as shuso (head student) at City Center in Fall 2020, and served as President of San Francisco Zen Center until July 2024. He is now Founder and Head Teacher of Zen Without Borders.