Guest season at Tassajara

Guest Season & Reservations

Summer 2024 will see a limited reopening of Tassajara.

Tassajara will be offering Zen practice retreats with senior Dharma teachers and a few programs such as Zen and yoga, leadership, and poetry. Those guests who experienced pre-Covid Tassajara summer seasons may notice some minor changes in the guest experience, such as buffet style meals. It is a practice we have come to enjoy very much, and that allows for a deeper sense of community between residents and guests. In addition, Tassajara will close on Sundays and reopen on Tuesdays for most of the summer to allow staff to have a day off.

Tassajara encourages visitors to take a few days, step away from the busyness and pressures of daily life, and find a slower rhythm of breath and body. Come soak in the hot springs, cool off in the creek, meander along the trails, float in the swimming pool, savor Tassajara’s renowned vegetarian cuisine, or participate in a retreat, a wonderful opportunity to explore the variety of ways that Zen and other complementary practices can inform and enrich one's life.

Tassajara Summer Covid Safety Protocols

Please review this regularly updated information before requesting a reservation.

Guest Accommodations : What it's Like to Stay Here

Detailed pictures and descriptions of all the cabins and rooms at Tassajara, as well as room rates and policies.

Tassajara Retreat Calendar

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Day Visits at Tassajara

Please check back in May to make reservations for day visits.