DEIA Feedback Form

The Central DEIA Committee welcomes and invites feedback about any experiences related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility at San Francisco Zen Center, including our online programs. Our intention is to listen and learn, so that we can take action and make changes as appropriate. Receiving feedback supports us in our efforts to make San Francisco Zen Center a truly welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

In order to encourage direct and honest feedback, the form below was designed to be anonymous. However, you are welcome to share your name and/or email address; please let us know if you would like to be contacted. All feedback will be shared with the Central DEIA Committee and, as appropriate, with relevant individuals and/or groups outside of the committee, unless you request otherwise.

Note: There is often a power differential between the giver and receiver of feedback, which can lead to isolating or punishing people who give feedback. Please know that SFZC prohibits retaliation and commits to protect anyone who reports any feedback or complaints related to diversity, equity, inclusion, or accessibility at SFZC. If you believe you have been subject to retaliation, please report this to the local temple Director or Human Resources as soon as possible so that we may investigate the matter in a timely and appropriate way.

This form itself is a work in progress, and we welcome your feedback on how to improve it.

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