San Francisco Zen Center Community

San Francisco Zen Center community consists of people practicing regularly at any of the three practice centers, residentially or non-residentially, and more widely extends to members and friends who access online programs or who have practiced at our centers in the past and have continued their practice in other locales. 

All three centers offer a variety of ways to join the community and get involved in community activities. City Center and Green Gulch Farm are open year-round. Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, though in a somewhat remote location, is open to students and guests from April through September; in the fall and winter months it is closed to all but monastic practice period participants.

In addition to daily zazen, sesshin, lectures, and classes that form the core of our Zen training program, both City Center and Green Gulch have practice groups, outreach, and volunteer activities that enable participants to connect with each other in more informal settings. 

Explore City Center practice groups and volunteer opportunities and outreach activities.

Explore Green Gulch practice groups and volunteer opportunities.

San Francisco Zen Center community also offers a Ride Share Board to find, or offer, a ride to any of the practice centers. We invite you to build community while saving money and the environment. All of the information that you enter here is meant solely for the purpose of rides. Your private information and email address will not be used for any other purposes.