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Weekly livestreams of Saturday morning dharma talks from the Buddha Hall at City Center, along with select special events, are listed below.

All livestreams are archived and available for viewing on-demand within an hour of the end of each event on this page.

Dharma talks are also available later, in higher quality audio files, at the Dharma Talks Archives page.

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Upcoming Livestream Events

Livestream Archive

Title Teacher Date Location
01/11/2020, Tenzen David Zimmerman, dharma talk at City Center (video) Tenzen David Zimmerman 01/11/20 City Center
Jukai - Receiving the Bodhisattva Precepts (video) Rinso Ed Sattizahn 01/04/20 City Center
This Is Not A Talk About Star Wars (video) Bryan Clark 12/28/19 City Center
The Path To Kindness (video) Shundo David Haye 12/21/19 City Center
The Truth Before Our Eyes (video) Ryushin Paul Haller 12/14/19 City Center
Engaging With Everything Through Our Own Bodies (video) Kiku Christina Lehnherr 12/07/19 City Center
On Giving (video) Jisan Tova Green 11/30/19 City Center
Zazen As The Dharma Gate Of Repose And Bliss (video) Myoju Erin Merk 11/23/19 City Center
Rinso Ed Sattizahn, dharma talk at City Center (video) Rinso Ed Sattizahn 11/16/19 City Center
The Four Stages of My Recovery (video) Grace Dammann 11/09/19 City Center