City Center

Welcome to City Center

City Center is closed for visitors and guests until further notice. All conferences, programs, and public events are suspended during this time. This includes classes, one day sittings, sesshin, and so on, as well as the Saturday program and Wednesday evening Dharma talk.

Currently, City Center is offering the opportunity to participate in a residential practice period in the fall of 2021 and opportunities for residential guest student practice. Please see the calendar and the Guest Student Program page.

We are livestreaming many of our offerings, including the Saturday and Wednesday Dharma talks and other events. Please check the website's main calendar and Online Programs pages for upcoming offerings. For the most recent news, please follow the Sangha News blog.


Located near the Civic Center in San Francisco, Beginner's Mind Temple (Hosshin-ji) was established in 1969 by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi as a training center in the Soto Zen tradition open to the general public. Offerings include daily meditation and service, semi-weekly dharma talks, classes, workshops, residential student programs, and opportunities to discuss one's spiritual practice with an experienced Zen practice leader.