City Center

Welcome to City Center

Located near the Civic Center in San Francisco, Beginner's Mind Temple (Hosshin-ji) was established in 1969 by Shunryu Suzuki as a training center in the Soto Zen tradition. City Center/Beginner's Mind Temple is open for the daily schedule, ceremonies, programs, and events. Tune into our livestreamed Dharma talks and other events through the Online Zendo and check the website's main calendar for upcoming in-person and online offerings.

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City Center is offering the Fall 2023 Practice Period, October 2 – December 9, led by Ryushin Paul Haller, for both residential and visitor/online participation. Application for residential participation is closed; the due date for visitor/online registration is September 26.

Beginning in January 2024, the City Center Renovation Project will require that application for residential practice opportunities at City Center be suspended. This will continue until the end of 2024 or the completion of the project. Applications may be accepted again beginning in November 2024 for 2025. To stay informed about the project and its progress, please sign up to receive Sangha News and check our social media communications (see links in the footer of the website).

Green Gulch Farm and Tassajara will continue to offer residential practice opportunities, as noted on the Live the Temple Life page.

Beginner's Mind Temple (City Center) is scheduled for an extensive renovation in 2024! We are creating a Welcome Center, upgrading bathrooms, adding an elevator to go from the basement to the third floor, and many other improvements that will help make Beginner's Mind Temple more welcoming and accessible for all for many years to come. See this page for details and closure information.

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