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Welcome to the San Francisco Zen Center's online library of dharma talks. The talks listed here were given at City Center, Green Gulch Farm, or Tassajara as part of a public dharma talk.

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Dharma Talks

Title Teacher Date Location
Your True Nature Is Never Lost To You Kiku Christina Lehnherr 12/05/19 City Center
Entering Deeply The Merciful Ocean Of Buddha's Way Kiku Christina Lehnherr 12/04/19 City Center
Allowing Ourselves to be Stretched Kiku Christina Lehnherr 12/03/19 City Center
The Inner Tangle and the Outer Tangle Ango Sara Tashker 12/01/19 Green Gulch Farm
A Kind Environment for our Confused Minds Kiku Christina Lehnherr 12/01/19 City Center
On Giving Jisan Tova Green 11/30/19 City Center
The Dharma of Listening Thiemo Blank 11/24/19 Green Gulch Farm
Zazen As The Dharma Gate Of Repose And Bliss Myoju Erin Merk 11/23/19 City Center
The Practice of Eastern Mountains Tenzen David Zimmerman 11/17/19 Tassajara
Practicing Bodhisattva Precepts in the Midst of Crisis Tenshin Reb Anderson 11/17/19 Green Gulch Farm