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Welcome to the San Francisco Zen Center's online library of dharma talks. The talks listed here were given at City Center, Green Gulch Farm, or Tassajara as part of a public dharma talk.

Note: The media team makes a concerted effort to keep the list of recordings as current as possible. If not here yet, many recent talks are available on the livestream site at live.sfzc.org .

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Dharma Talks

Title Teacher Date Location
Confession and Repentance: the Pure and Simple Color of True Practice Tenshin Reb Anderson 08/09/20 Green Gulch Farm
The Dharma-Expounding of Insentient Beings Shohaku Okumura 08/08/20 City Center
The Teachings of Chan Master Sheng Yen Rebecca Li 08/05/20 City Center
Do Not Overlook What Is Right in Front of You Eijun Linda Cutts 08/02/20 Green Gulch Farm
Taking 100% Responsibility Kiku Christina Lehnherr 08/01/20 City Center
Embodying Race, Love & Liberation angel Kyodo williams, Furyu Nancy Schroeder 07/25/20 City Center
Joy, Honoring John Lewis Sozan Michael McCord 07/22/20 City Center
Insight Into Implicit Bias Ryushin Paul Haller 07/21/20 Tassajara
The Subject Today Is Love Kiku Christina Lehnherr 07/19/20 Green Gulch Farm
Inclusive Communities Crystal A. Johnson 07/18/20 City Center