Unpacking Whiteness: Reflection and Action

New Online Meeting times

Hello everyone,

We've set up a plan and the infrastructure necessary to hold Unpacking Whiteness online. We hope the sessions are supportive, interactive, and accessible during these COVID-19 times. To build a sense of continuity, we will spend our next three conversations exploring whiteness and anti-racism work through the Bodhisattva Precepts.

If you're able to attend all three conversations great! If you can only attend one, that's also great.

Two (or three) Mondays per month, 7:30 – 8:30 pm: check calendar for upcoming dates.

The link to join:

Online link
Meeting ID 350-522-3117

No advance registration is required. If you are able, please log in with a computer, tablet, or phone (i.e. some kind of screen) as we will have visual aids.

Sending peace and ease,
Lucy and Tova

Unpacking Whiteness gatherings explore whiteness and the structures of racism through a Zen Buddhist lens so that practitioners learn to skillfully engage with and transform white racial conditioning and white supremacist systems. Unpacking Whiteness focuses on racial justice, interconnection, and liberation, with the intention that sangha members build brave and inclusive spaces in their homes, workplaces, communities, and at San Francisco Zen Center.

Unpacking Whiteness is facilitated by Lucy Andrews and Tova Green.

Newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike are wholeheartedly welcome. Unpacking Whiteness facilitators request that each participant identifies as a white person and is open to courageous self-exploration with the sangha.

Our meetings will include reading relevant articles and discussing them, as well as bringing up and supporting one another in exploring difficult conversations we have had focusing on race and white privilege.

  • Donations are appreciated, but not required.