Board of Directors

San Francisco Zen Center is governed by a board of directors. The board includes three ex-officio, voting members, consisting of the Central, City Center, and Green Gulch Farm abbatial leaders. The three officers of San Francisco  Zen Center are ex-officio, non-voting members; they are the president, the CFO, and the secretary. The bylaws allow for up to sixteen elected members serving three-year terms. There is a term limit of three consecutive terms for elected members.

San Francisco Zen Center Board of Directors meetings are open to dues-paying members. To view the proposed agenda for an upcoming meeting, contact the San Francisco Zen Center secretary at View the calendar of board meetings here. (The venue and/or time of the meetings may be subject to change, but the dates are definitive.) All are welcome to review the abbreviated minutes of board meetings. Please email the secretary to have them emailed to you.

Board Members

Officers of the Board