Young Urban Zen

Updated: June 15, 2023

Young Urban Zen (YUZ) meets in person weekly in the Buddha Hall at City Center.

Before attending, please review the Health and Safety Requirements.

For the latest information, visit the Young Urban Zen site.

Young Urban Zen Discussion GroupYoung Urban Zen (YUZ) is a group under the auspices of the San Francisco Zen Center, with a particular focus on those between 20 and 40. It meets on Tuesday evenings for meditation and discussion about Zen practice. People of all experience levels are welcome. Those who have not meditated before may find it helpful to view videos of meditation instruction in SF Zen Center's archive of recorded instructions.

Beyond Tuesday nights, members of the group regularly meet for social activities, volunteering, book club study, outings, and occasional retreats.

Young Urban Zen offers an opportunity to build meaningful community with people who care about practice and mindfulness.