For Beginners at City Center

For the foreseeable future, San Francisco Zen Center is unable to offer on-site programs, classes, and other events. Please see the Online Zendo page for Zoom links to online meditation (zazen), Dharma talks, and ceremonies. And check the calendar for upcoming online practice events, classes, sittings, and workshops.


Zazen Meditation Instruction

Offered in Online Zendo, Saturdays, 8:10 – 9:10 am

This weekly instruction will familiarize new students with the bare bones of sitting practice. Since each instructor emphasizes different elements of the basic teachings, students are invited to attend this instruction as often as they wish. After attending meditation instruction for the first time, attendees may begin sitting in the zendo at the regularly scheduled times. No registration for zazen instruction is required.

Introduction to Zendo Forms - suspended until further notice

Usually every Saturday 11:20 am – 12 noon

Thursday Meditation, Conversation, and Tea - suspended until further notice

Saturday Morning Meditation

Offered in Online Zendo, Saturdays 9:25 am

On Saturdays at 9:25 am, a period of silent meditation in the zendo is followed immediately by a dharma talk upstairs in the Buddha Hall (see Saturday Program). Those who have had zazen instruction and are beginning their practice are particularly encouraged to attend, but all are welcome.

Saturday Introductory Afternoon

This half-day course is ideal for those who have attended the Saturday morning meditation instruction and wish to learn more about the details of practice at City Center. Read more/see dates...

Sunday Beginners' Sittings

This sitting is for new students and those who wish to participate in a gentler schedule. Read more/see dates...