Sewing Buddha's Robe at Green Gulch

Sewing Buddha's Robe at Green Gulch FarmSuzuki Roshi began offering lay ordination in the late 1960s, as a way to support and encourage his burgeoning and largely lay community of students. This tradition has continued and flourished up to the present. The intention to lay ordain is expressed and affirmed within a teacher-student relationship, when permission to sew is given.

This class is to assist those who have received permission from their teacher to sew a rakusu or okesa in preparation for receiving precepts and a robe in Jukai (lay ordination) or Shukke Tokudo (priest ordination).

Due to the pandemic and closure of our temples, in-person sewing classes are suspended until our temples reopen. Please contact Steph Blank or Tim Wicks with any sewing inquiries during this time:

Rakusu Sewing Instructions