Zen Meditation & Practice at City Center

Zen Meditation in the Zendo

For those interested in finding out more about Zen, City Center is a refuge and urban oasis, providing a way for students to discover and develop a steady, regular practice while staying connected to city life.

For Beginners

Details about meditation instruction, Saturday mornings, and other introductory programs

Daily Schedule

Programs offered on a daily or weekly basis

Sitting Meditation & Sesshins

More information about one-day sittings and longer sesshins

Guest Student Program

The guest student program is open for participants to join in the practice schedule and daily life of City Center from a minimum of two weeks to a more extended stay of three months; current Covid protocols apply

Practice Periods and Intensives

City Center's 6 – 12 week practice periods, and shorter 3 – 4 week intensives, are offered each year in Winter, Spring, and Fall

Classes & Courses

Upcoming study offerings and workshops, registration and fees

Practice Groups

City Center supports a variety of ongoing study and affinity groups


Resident teachers and practice leaders who teach classes, lecture, and are available for private interviews (practice discussion)