Engaged Family Practice Program

I am inviting you to go deeper, to learn and to practice so that you become someone who has a great capacity for being solid, calm, and without fear, because our society needs people like you who have these qualities, and your children, our children, need people like you, in order to go on, in order to become solid, and calm, and without fear.
         —Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

October 3, 2021 – May 8, 2022 (eight sessions)
Sundays, 10 – 11 am PT

Now entering its second year, Engaged Family Practice (EFP) is an online offering that arose during a time of dramatic social change, including Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, Climate Change, and Covid Shelter-in-Place. As a new season of EFP begins, parents, caregivers, and children ages 3 – 10 are invited to join our stellar teachers for eight new and unique offerings.

Through fun movement, kid-friendly nature projects, ritual, and two adult-only discussion groups, we’ll explore how to create liberated family systems—so that transformation and healing can spiral outward into our greater communities, repeating liberating fractal patterns like seashells, sunflowers, and galaxies.

Content is adult-focused and kid-friendly, with children invited (but not required) to join most programs. Registration is now open. Families are encouraged to register for all eight sessions—and also welcome to register for just a single session.

For questions, please contact Meikyo Chelsea True at ggfchildrensprogram@sfzc.org.

Engaged Buddhism for Families (pdf)


October 3 - MOVE into October!
November 7 - Raising Bodhisattvas in Uncertain Time [Parents and Caregivers only, 10 – 11:30 am PT]
December 5 - Celebrating Winter with Dharma-Inspired Nature Projects
January 2 - Heroes and Bodhisattvas: Celebrating Compassionate Action!
February 6 - Candlelight of Creativity: Dharma-Inspired Movement and Play
March 6 - Tending to the Earth with Love and Care: Dharma-Inspired Nature Projects
April 3 - Heroes and Bodhisattvas: Celebrating Compassionate Action!
May 8 - DATE TO BE RESCHEDULED - Raising Bodhisattvas: Creating Liberated Family Systems [Parents and Caregivers only, 10 – 11:30 am PT]

Fees & Registration

Fees are both per-session and incremental for the full series. To register, see each calendar entry for the dates above. On the calendar page, under "Event Type", choose Family & Children's Events and click "Apply".