Conference Center at Green Gulch: FAQs

Who can host an event at Green Gulch Farm?
We host many kinds of events including workshops, yoga, meditation, and professional development - however we expect all guests to help us preserve a quiet, contemplative atmosphere.

How many overnight guest rooms do you have?
17 rooms with a total of 22 beds.

What is offered as part of the conference package?
     a. Basic fee includes use of one meeting space and some amenities can be included for an extra fee.
     b. Vegetarian meals can be added to any package.
     c. Package does not include instructors or facilitators or any other sort of event coordination. A brief Zazen   
         instruction can be offered for the group if desired.

Is there on-site parking?
Green Gulch has two moderately sized parking lots for guests, carpooling is helpful.

Are these events listed on the Green Gulch website?
No. Event leaders must do their own advertising.

When does next year’s calendar open?
Each year the event calendar opens in February for the following year.

Is there cell phone reception at Green Gulch?
No, cell phones do not work here.

Is there Wifi available in the conference rooms and the guest accommodations?
Two of our conference spaces and all overnight guest rooms have Wifi– the Yurt does not. *

* We do ask that groups be considerate of the contemplative atmosphere of this temple asking participants not to use devices in the public spaces, especially by not talking on the phone outside or in the guest house.