Zen Principles and Technology, CC 2/2 - 2/23 - canceled

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Date / Time
Feb 2, 2023 / 7:30pm - Feb 23, 2023 / 9:00pm
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Classes & Extended Courses

This class is also offered Online.

Four Thursdays, 7:30 – 9 pm

In every area of our lives, we have relationships: work relationships, family relationships, romantic relationships, neighbors, and friends and with each of these we have certain boundaries, agreements, and shared understandings. In the last 25 years, technology advancements have grown by leaps and bounds in the areas that impact our personal lives, how we function, and how we relate to the world. For most of us, this ever-changing relationship has snuck up on us with little thought and has not been guided as we do with other relationships in creating boundaries and even studying if a relationship is serving us at all.

In this four-part class, we will be looking at the principles of the Zen monastery and relating them to our personal relationships with technology. When living in a Zen temple, daily life is guided by a series of principles that help create a container for being present, centered, and with the moment that is happening, giving it our full attention. It has guidelines for relationships with other sangha members, in relation to eating and drinking, to the work day, and how to function in a way that is not a means to an end. These principles are more necessary than ever to navigate the ever-changing world of technology—and a necessity if one is to avoid being pulled into distraction, anxiety, and overwhelm.

There will be homework each week and experiments to engage with in relation to our technology. The hope is that participants will come away with a clearer understanding of their personal technology relationships, how those relationships are serving or not serving their lives, and to gain a framework for deciding how and what relationships to enter into in the future.

For in-person, onsite attendance, please observe these Health & Safety Requirements:

- Participants must be vaccinated and have at least one booster shot.
- Participants must wear a KN95 or N95 mask at all times indoors.

- Participants are not allowed to attend:
    - if they have cold or flu symptoms
    - if they have been in close contact with anyone Covid positive in the last 14 days
    - if they tested positive for Covid within the last 10 days. To return to the temple after a positive Covid infection, it must be at least 10 days since testing positive and the visitor must have a negative antigen test.

Fee Information
  • General $150
  • Current SFZC Members $135
  • Sliding Scale 1: $90

For additional discount options, please email us at rezoffice@sfzc.org.

This class has been canceled.

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