Saturday One-Day Sitting, CC 10/7

Practice Center
Date / Time
October 7, 2023 / 5:25am - 6:00pm
Event Type
Sitting Meditation & Sesshins

One-day sittings offer traditional Soto Zen all-day meditation practice. Those who join one-day sittings are asked to commit to participating in the complete schedule.

Participation is available both in person (this page) and online. As part of the registration process, onsite participants can indicate dietary needs and any seating arrangement requirements, such as using a chair. Contact the City Center ino (head of the meditation hall) at with any further questions.

For online participation click here.

One-day Sitting Schedule example

If you are new to meditation, we strongly encourage you to attend a Half-Day Beginners Sitting or Zazen (Meditation) Instruction before signing up for a full One-Day Sitting. See For Beginners at City Center for more information.

  • City Center is delighted to let you know we will be returning to the traditional Zen form of oryoki for eating meals during our sittings. For anyone who is new to the form of oryoki or who would like a refresher, there will be a class on Friday evening, October 6, at 5:00 pm in the City Center dining room. We apologize for this late notice.
  • Please bring your bowls if you have them. There is an option below for purchasing ($60) or borrowing ($20) a set of oryoki bowls and cloths.
  • You may also use guest bowls which will be available before breakfast and lunch, or eat your meals in the dining room; please contact the ino at for these two options.
Fee Information
  • Full price: $100
  • SFZC members: $90
  • Sliding scale 1: $60
  • Sliding scale 2: $25

Fee includes meals.

For additional discount options, please email us at

Before registering, please review the Health and Safety Requirements.

Please register by Tuesday, October 3, by 4pm PT.

Register Online

Or call 415-354-0360 for registration assistance.

Oryoki Purchase/Rental

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