Volunteer Programs at Green Gulch

Welcome to all who have navigated here to find out more about the volunteer program! Green Gulch has a dedicated group of volunteers who have been participating for years and have found the work and support enriching to their lives. The community, in turn, has been enriched by their offering. 

Volunteer Opportunities

FarmingOne Zen motto is “Working Hard, Accomplishing Nothing.” This may seem odd but it may also be a relief to consider―especially since for most of their lives, people are actually encouraged to work very hard and to accomplish as much as they can.

The Green Gulch Farm community has a radically different take on work―and life, for that matter. When individuals cease from looking at work as “trying to get something,” even for a moment, it opens pathways for other experiences to emerge.

Outlined below are some of the opportunities being offered at Green Gulch for participants to “work hard and accomplish nothing” while growing with the volunteer community, learning and sharing skills, and enjoying the bounty of the farm, the kitchen, and boundless other areas:

Kitchen volunteersGarden
Youth & Family Program

Green Gulch Farm is now accepting applications for electrical, plumbing, construction and general maintenance volunteers. Please contact Reika at ggfmaintenance@sfzc.org for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): [PDF]

General volunteer info: Please contact crew heads if you wish to volunteer at Green Gulch Farm.

ggftenzo@sfzc.org for kitchen
ggfguest@sfzc.org for hospitality
garden@sfzc.org (volunteers only on Thursdays)