The Little Book of Zen Healing: Japanese Rituals for Beauty, Harmony, and Love, Online 11/18

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November 18, 2023 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm
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Classes & Extended Courses

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Saturday, 2 – 3:30 pm PT

Join us for an illuminating online session with two remarkable voices, authors Paula Arai and Ruth Ozeki. This event will dive deep into the transformative power of rituals and their role in healing, drawing its essence from Paula’s latest book, The Little Book of Zen Healing: Japanese Rituals for Beauty, Harmony, and Love.*

At the heart of the discussion, Ruth Ozeki will engage Paula in uncovering the motivations and inspirations that brought The Little Book of Zen Healing to life. The narrative will trace back to Paula’s academic work Bringing Zen Home: The Healing Heart of Japanese Buddhist Women’s Rituals, shedding light on the deeply personal and non-institutionalized facets of Zen practices. This rich history provides a backdrop for exploring the profound impact of personalized rituals.

As the conversation unfolds, attendees will be introduced to moving stories of individuals navigating life's challenges—from the nuances of daily routines to the weight of significant transitions, grief, and loss—all through the lens of tailored rituals. The discussion will emphasize how infusing creativity and personalization into rituals not only enriches them but also facilitates the healing process.

Concluding the session, a lively Q&A segment will invite participants to share reflections and pose questions, furthering the bond between Paula, Ruth, and our cherished community.

This gathering promises more than just a book discussion; it's an exploration into the heart of Zen ritual, considering its roots, its contemporary relevance, and its unparalleled potential to heal in today's world. Whether you're new to Zen or a seasoned practitioner, this dialogue offers fresh insights and the collective wisdom of two revered figures in the Zen community.

*See the Sangha News blog post "Paula Arai on The Little Book of Zen Healing."

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