Conversations at the Crossroads: The Zen Way of Recovery & Recovery with Yoga, Online 4/20

Practice Center
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April 20, 2024 / 2:00pm - 3:30pm
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Workshops and Retreats

The Zoom link to participate in this event will be provided at least 24 hours before it begins. Please call 415-354-0360 if you have any questions.

Join the San Francisco Zen Center for a special online gathering with Laura Burges and Brian Hyman, offering a reflective conversation on their books, The Zen Way of Recovery and Recovery with Yoga. This thoughtful dialogue will navigate the interplay between Zen practice, yoga, and the path to recovery, inviting participants into a space of shared insights and experiences.

In an atmosphere of mutual exploration rather than instruction, Laura Burges and Brian Hyman will share their perspectives on how the disciplines of Zen and yoga can support and illuminate the journey out of addiction. This conversation aims to offer a beacon of understanding and connection for those navigating their own paths to recovery, as well as for anyone interested in the confluence of these spiritual practices.

Drawing from her journey through addiction to recovery, Laura Burges integrates the essence of Zen teachings to offer solace and guidance to others facing similar challenges. Her approach is one of sharing and companionship on the path to healing. Brian Hyman combines his experience in yoga and recovery activism to present a series of mindful practices aimed at supporting individuals in recovery. His work is a gesture of solidarity, offering tools for wellness and self-discovery.

The Zen Way of Recovery, by Laura Burges, delves into how Buddhist teachings can support recovery, shared through the lens of personal experience and compassionate guidance. This book is an offering of support, presenting reflections and practices grounded in the wisdom of Zen Buddhism.

Recovery with Yoga, by Brian Hyman introduces yoga and mindfulness as tools for recovery, emphasizing the practical application of yogic philosophy in nurturing sobriety and mental health. It's an invitation to discover inner strength and peace through focused practice and mindfulness.

Whether you are walking the path of recovery, supporting someone who is, or simply curious about the intersection of Zen, yoga, and healing, this dialogue promises to be an enriching experience of collective wisdom and personal stories.

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