Finding Ease: A Zen and Mindfulness Approach to Anxiety, GGF 9/26 - 9/29

Practice Center
Date / Time
Sep 26, 2024 / 4:00pm - Sep 29, 2024 / 1:00pm
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Workshops and Retreats

In Green Gulch Farm's Still Water Hall.

“To be you is enough, you know…”
   — Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

Anxiety and our aversion to it are too often accompanied by reactivity and actions that worsen how we feel. We worry. We criticize and judge ourselves. Such thoughts, and the emotions they trigger, can become overwhelming, feeling relentless. We suffer.

Our focus during this three day retreat will be on our direct experience. We will practice uncovering the natural state of a quieted mind, slowing down enough to see what is actually happening when we describe ourselves as anxious. As we cultivate the opportunity to be with what is truly happening with awareness and clarity, we can respond to difficulties with consciousness, ease and new choices, rather than with reactivity that can make things worse.

With a foundation of the Buddha's teachings of the Four Noble Truths, this Zen and Mindfulness retreat features guided meditations and related tools. We will also integrate psychotherapeutic strategies, an approach recognized and supported by leading neuroscience and psychological research. Our intention is to guide participants in creating their Individual Finding Ease toolbox.

There will be time for participants to explore beautiful Green Gulch Farm, nestled in a quiet and lush valley that is a 45 minute walk from Stinson Beach and the ocean. And those who are interested are welcome to meditate with the Green Gulch community.

Finding Ease is appropriate for those who are new to meditation and for those who are experienced meditators.

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  • General $288
  • Current SFZC Members $245

Fee includes lunch.

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