Full Moon Ceremony, CC 11/29

Practice Center
Date / Time
November 29, 2023 / 7:30pm - 8:45pm
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Each month at the full moon, the community gathers to renew our Bodhisattva vows. All are welcome. This is a formal ceremony including chanting and full bows.

Before attending, please review the Health and Safety Requirements.

This evening all are invited to attend as one of the events for the upcoming renovation. The ceremony will be preceded by zazen and a shared community dinner. You are welcome to join the evening at any time. Please use the Register Online button below if you plan to come to dinner.

5:40 pm – Zazen and Service in the zendo
6:30 pm – Dinner by donation
7:30 pm – Full Moon Ceremony in the Buddha Hall, preceded by small group meetings

We will gather at 7:30 pm in the Buddha Hall and then divide into small groups to discuss our practice of the Bodhisattva Precepts during the last month, framed by: Do no harm. Do good. Include everyone. If you have never attended the Full Moon Ceremony, the small group experience can help you to join the sangha in this joyful ceremony. Please arrive a few minutes early, between 7:20 and 7:25 pm.

You are also welcome to attend the ceremony only, which begins at 8:15 pm in the Buddha Hall. Please arrive between 8:05 and 8:10 pm.

If it is your first full moon ceremony or you are unfamiliar with the forms, please follow others in offering flower petals before entering the Buddha Hall.

An example of the ceremony can be downloaded here. The text of the ceremony is also available for download: Full Moon Bodhisattva Ceremony (PDF).

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