Suiko Betsy McCall

Suiko Betsy McCall brings her experience as a competitive synchronized swimmer, professional knitter, and founder of the Art Monastery Project to inform her visual art and her teaching. Garnering degrees from Yale University and San Francisco Art Institute, Suiko’s paintings have been exhibited from San Francisco to Budapest.

Suiko has published a book and two workbooks on the themes of self-empowerment and how to host transformational spaces. Her paintings have been published in International Interiors Magazine, Leaping Clear Literary Magazine, and Cream City Review. She is the Founder and Abbess of the Art Monastery, an arts organization dedicated to cultivating personal awakening and cultural transformation through artmaking, spiritual practice, and reciprocal relationship with the earth.

Suiko is a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Morning Altars teacher, and Transformation Host. She received lay ordination from Fu Schroeder in 2019. Suiko lived at the Art Monastery in its various locations in Italy, Vermont, and Hawai'i for 16 years, and Green Gulch Farm for 4 years. You can see her paintings at