Sycamore Cabins

Sycamore Cabins 10 & 11 and Sycamore Courtyard Rooms

Sycamore Cabins 10 & 11 (minimum double occupancy)
Weekdays (Sun-Thur): $251
Weekends (Fri-Sat): $306

Additional Guest: $125.50 Sun-Thur/$153 Fri-Sat

Sycamore Courtyard Rooms
Weekdays (Sun-Thur): $173 sgl occ/ $251 dbl occ
Weekends (Fri-Sat): $228 sgl occ/ $306 dbl occ [two-night minimum]

Single beds in accommodations with multiple beds may be rented individually for guests in retreats, on an as-needed basis.

Sycamore Cabins 10 & 11

This duplex cabin in the center of campus has two rooms with three single beds each, and a shared bathroom between the rooms. Minimum of two people who are not light sleepers and no kids. While it is a popular, low-cost accommodation, it is commonly reserved for retreat guests. Look for last-minute availability in these cabins.

Sycamore Courtyard Rooms

This cozy collection of rooms forms a horseshoe around a sweet courtyard overlooking the creek. It boasts a wrap-around deck that links to the two-stall shared bathroom facilities. There is a sink in each room, but the rooms are not good for light sleepers, children, or guests with medical concerns. Two-person maximum.

Courtyard 1: Closest to two-stall lavatory; low double bed; good for couples; can fit an additional futon snugly.
Courtyard 5: Directly across from lower garden; two single beds; great for friends attending a retreat together and budget travelers.
Courtyard 6: Closest to the creek with a view; farthest from lavatory; low platform double bed; favorite of long-time guests; requires early booking.