Redwood & Tatami Cabins

Weekdays (Sun-Thur): $233 sgl occ/ $311 dbl occ
Weekends (Fri-Sat): $288 sgl occ/ $366 dbl occ [two-night minimum]

Additional Guest: $125.50 Sun-Thur/$153 Fri-Sat (in select cabins)

Cabin 5


Redwood Tatami Cabins

These endearing cabins are in the style of some of Tassajara’s early lodgings and typically accommodate two guests. Some of these cabins feature traditional Japanese tatami mat flooring made of thickly woven rush grass. All Redwood & Tatami Cabins have private restrooms.

Redwood CabinsCabin 18

Redwood Cabins have regular beds, while Tatami Cabins have folding foam mattresses (shikibuton) which go directly on the tatami.