Mountain Path Cabins

Yurts, Cabin 14A, and Cabin 3A

Weekdays (Sun-Thur): $273 sgl occ/ $351 dbl occ
Weekends (Fri-Sat): $328 sgl occ/ $406 dbl occ [two-night minimum]

Additional Guest: $125.50 Sun-Thur/$153 Fri-Sat
Children (4-11) : $59 (only in Yurt 1)

Yurt outside chairsYurts

There are three Yurt rooms, located between the garden and the pool. The views are of the mountains and trees, and they are tucked away from the path towards the mountainside. These rooms are the furthest away from the central area, but perfectly set at the end of campus for explorers. The Yurt structure has a redwood exterior, and the rooms are octagonal. The Yurt rooms have hardwood floors and decks and can accommodate an additional guest by adding a folding foam mattress (shikibuton) on the floor.


Cabin 3A

Cabin 14A and 3A

Cabin 14A is our most handicapped-accessible cabin and has a private bathroom, a small private deck, and geothermal heat. The beds can be arranged as two singles or one king bed.

Cabin 3A is most centrally located, closest to the dining room and zendo—right in the middle of the action!