Meditative Yoga: Purifying Action (class), CC 5/6 - 6/3 - Online

Practice Center
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June 3, 2020 / 7:30am - 8:15am
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Classes & Extended Courses

Five Wednesday mornings

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What can body practice do to help purify our motivations and actions, to live in a way that resolves suffering? In this five-week class, practitioners will study one practice per week, using physical action that penetrates from the body to the brain:

  • 5/6: First train in the preliminaries (slogan #1) — how to settle body and mind
  • 5/13: Regard all dharmas as dreams (slogan #2) — how to drop reification and cultivate workability
  • 5/20: Of the two witnesses hold the principal one  (slogan #20) — how to transcend objectification to stay with the subject of concentration
  • 5/27: Abandon poisonous food (slogan #28) — how to nourish body, senses, intention, and consciousness
  • 6/3: Liberate yourself by examining and analyzing (slogan #55) — how to use the mind as a tool to free body and mind
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