Film Night at Beginner’s Mind Temple - The Creative High, CC 3/15 - Sold out

Practice Center
Date / Time
March 15, 2024 / 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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Special Events & Exhibits

In the Conference Center at 308 Page Street

The Creative High

The documentary, created in collaboration with Dianne Griffin, Producer and Adriana Marchione, Director follows nine artists in recovery from addictive behaviors revealing the transformative quality of the creative process, empowering us to wake up to our true selves.

Dianne Griffin, an international filmmaker with over three decades of experience, is passionately committed to the art of storytelling. Her cinematic endeavors serve as a window into her perspective on the world, shaped by the transformative influences of Zen Buddhism, a committed recovery practice and the creative process. As a filmmaker, Dianne seeks to foster deeper connections with her collaborators, engage in introspection, and create narratives that resonate not only with the community but engage the world at large. Dianne received Jukai in 2016 from her teacher Ryuko Laura Burges, whose root teacher is Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts.

Adriana Marchione MA, REAT, RSMT has been involved in the arts for over thirty years as a filmmaker, dancer, photographer and is internationally recognized in her work as an expressive arts therapist. She has presented her creative healing approach with a focus on addiction, trauma, and grief at festivals, conferences, and treatment centers including South by Southwest and the National Council on Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

Producer, Dianne Griffin and co producer, Shelley Richenbach, and artists portrayed in the film Jason Bernhardt and Luis Canales will be in attendance for the screening, followed by a Q&A session. Popcorn to be served!

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