Living from Integrity and Compassion: A Three-Day Yoga and Zen Retreat, GGF 10/19 - 10/22

Practice Center
Date / Time
Oct 19, 2023 / 3:00pm - Oct 22, 2023 / 11:30am
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Workshops and Retreats

In Stillwater Hall

Hatha Yoga and Zen Buddhism have many supportive and complimentary teachings. Both traditions offer practices and guidance in living from integrity and compassion in this world. Together, Fu's and Patricia’s combined teaching, a seamless interweaving of Zen Practice and Yoga, invites us to grow down and into the roots of ourselves.

Although we cannot control which circumstances will arise for us, we can turn to practices that help cultivate a peaceful heart-mind in facing whatever circumstances do arise.

Each day Fu will lead the sessions devoted to zazen, give a Dharma talk, and offer time for questions and discussion.

Our morning yoga classes will include active postures chosen from the Iyengar system as well as other traditions. Deep relaxation is always included along with short periods of zazen. In the yoga classes we embody the poses through awareness to detail, breath and bodily sensations with an emphasis on curiosity, and exploration.

Modifications of the poses according to individual needs will always be offered. We cultivate strength and suppleness in the physical body as well as sensitivity in order to better notice how our thoughts, feelings, and intentions affect our actions in the daily life of relationships.

In the afternoons, we’ll practice focused Restorative Postures which pacify and nourish, and allow us to rest in and act from our true heart.

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