Spiritual Friends

How to Save All Beings

The World Honored One Ascends the Seat

Sincerity and Authenticity

Hanging from a Tree by your Teeth

Ordinary Mind is the Way

Going Home

Winter at Tassajara

The Practice of Generosity

Celebrating the True Function of our Lives

You are already a Person of Thusness

The Impossible Mission of Meditation

Cookies and the Middle Way

Moments of Love

There is one that doesn't move

What is Buddha?

Spiritual Communion and the Four Noble Truths

How Do I Live This One Precious Life?

Keeping Suzuki Roshi's Teaching Fresh

Only Love Can Save The World

Zen and Poetry

Fluidity of Mountains

Leaving Space To Not Know

Right Effort

Dharma and Non-Violence

Just Keep Coming Back

An Appropriate Response To Fear

A Life Of Usefulness

The One Perfect Teaching That Frees Us

The Great Way

Beloved Community

Deepening Into Wise and Courageous Hearts

The Emptiness of What Is This?

Continuous Practice: Practice

What The Teaching Offers In Challenging Times

Practicing With Deafness

Experience The Experience You Are Experiencing

The Four Noble Truths

How Am I Now? I Don't Know

International Women's Day

An Antidote for Mistaken Beliefs


Poetry, Practice, and Plenitude

Think of not Thinking

The Boundless Spring on the Hundred Plants

Manifesting This Mind

The Practice of Oryoki

Face to Face Transmission

The Crucible of Sesshin

What is the Mode of Expression of Sesshin?

The Perseverance of Me in Sesshin

The Book of Joy

Caring For The Soil

The Request of the Schedule in Sesshin

Do You Beat The Cart Or The Ox?

Our Messy, Boundless Existence

Meeting the Request of Sesshin

Not Subject To Knowing Or Not Knowing

Path To Wholeness

What I Did on my Summer Vacation, or, My Summer of Love


Widening Our Sense Of Ourselves

You Have Gained the Pivotal Opportunity of Human Form

Sun Faced Buddha Moon Faced Buddha

The Dance of Impermanence

Sesshin Day 3: Expressing Ourselves in Speech, Action and Silence

Sesshin day 2: Full expression

Sesshin day 1: Silence and Stillness

Entering into Sesshin

Nothing but Tasting Tea

I Am a Conversation

The "Zen" of The Missing Piece

Buddhist Storehouse Consciousness

The Middle Way is a Moving Target

Leaves of Speech

Nanchuan's Circle

"The Good Woman of Setzuan": Can we be Good?

Kind, Inclusive and Noble Speech

Love and Be Silent


Zen gives us the Gift of Nothing

Living in This World and Imagining Another

Realizing Our Infinite Life

Radical Welcoming: The Everyday Practice of Bodhicitta

The Three Sides of Practice