Embodied Presence: Coming Home to the Body’s Wisdom, 5/25 – 5/28

Tassajara May 25, 2018 - May 28, 2018 Reserve Online

with Lisa Marie and Shinchi Linda Galijan
May 25 – 28, 2018 (Friday – Monday)

May we live our lives like the flow of a river, neither forcing nor holding back.

In a busy world, it is all too easy to lose connection with our bodies. And yet, it is surprisingly simple to find our way back home–to the breath, to simple awareness, to the heart of our being. Combining yoga and meditation, we will have ample practice time to find our way home, back to the body. Our practices will be the foundation for allowing deeper states of awareness and sensations to be our teachers, reminding us to take a breath, feel into our hearts, and come back to the present moment again and again. 

Retreat fee:  $280 ($238/Member)

Please note that the retreat fee does not include accommodations. Retreats begin late afternoon on the indicated start date and end in the morning on the indicated end date. Visit the Rooms & Rates section and determine your preferred accommodations before making your reservations request online.