Guest Accommodation Information

Guest Accommodations at Tassajara are humble and cozy, ranging from private cabins to shared dorms. Whether you are staying in a private room overlooking the creek, or find yourself nestled inside our quiet hideaways tucked along the mountainside, there are many options for settling in at Tassajara.


Cabin Types

Creekside Cabins - These charming cabins offer a private deck with a view of the creek; some are original Tassajara structures, particularly the Stone Rooms and Pine Rooms. These more spacious cabins are rustic and have delightful features -- they have private bathrooms, are cooler in summer and warmer in April and May. All Stone and Pine rooms are suitable for children and are closer to the bathhouse. See Creekside Cabins videos.

Mountain Path Cabins - With similar character to Creekside Cabins, these dwellings open to the main path running through Tassajara. Many have decks offering comfort and seclusion, particularly the Yurts. Yurt 1, closest to the pool, is ideal for guests with children! See Mountain Path Cabins videos.

Redwood & Tatami Cabins - These endearing cabins are in the style of some of Tassajara’s early lodgings and typically accommodate two guests. Some of these cabins feature traditional Japanese tatami mat flooring made of thickly woven rush grass. Redwood Cabins have regular beds, while Tatami Cabins have folding foam mattresses (shikibuton) which go directly on the tatami. All Redwood & Tatami Cabins have private restrooms. See Redwood & Tatami Cabins videos.

Sycamore Cabins & Courtyard Rooms - Sycamore Cabins and Courtyard rooms have shared restrooms, Courtyard rooms have private sinks en suite. These cabins may be set up for a variety of shared housing, and are a great option for participating in a retreat with your friends. See Sycamore Cabins & Courtyard Rooms videos.

Sycamore Dorms & Guest Practice Accommodations - We offer Men’s and Women's dorm and Guest Practice rooms; they are shared housing, in a cabin style similar to Sycamore Cabins and Courtyards. See Sycamore Dorms & Guest Practice Accommodations videos.

Other Important Info

Tassajara’s Stone Office reception hours are 9am to 7pm. Please stop by the office and confirm your room assignment and availability before going to your room.

Check-in time is 3pm with late check-in offered until 7pm. Check-out is 11am. We offer space on our luggage deck for guests who will be lingering longer. Please check-out in person before departing.

Guest meals are served at 9am, 1pm and 7pm in the Dining Room. An optional bag lunch is available at 9:30am. Additional snacks and tea are available in the courtyard from 3:00pm to 4:30pm and at the self-service coffee/tea bar throughout the day.

Tassajara observes special quiet time hours to support the practice of year-round residents. Quiet time begins at 8pm and ends at 8:30am after temple cleaning following morning zazen and service.

Guest Room Videos