Youth & Family Program

Saturday, April 15: Zen-a-thon

First Sunday of the month, 9:45 – 11:45 am

  • No program in January (due to Intensive)
  • February 5: Book reading of Puppy Mind by the author Andrew Jordan Nance
  • March 5: Awakening
  • April 2: Buddha's Birthday celebration
  • May 7: Interdependence, Planting the Three Sisters
  • June 4: Non-doing for Summer
  • July 2: Freedom, Metta
  • August 6: The Paramita of Generosity
  • September 3: Equanimity for Equinox
  • October 1: Impermanence, Sejiki Ancestors Ritual
  • November 5: Mindfulness of Gratitude
  • December 3: The Buddha's Enlightenment

Special Events:

  • Saturday, April 15: Zen-a-thon
  • Fall 2017 Family Practice Day

On the first Sunday of the month, the beginning of the lecture is especially for children. After this short talk, children leave the zendo to participate in their own program. Activities include seasonal farm projects, mindfulness, yoga, contemplative handwork and ritual.

Participating families are invited to stay for tea, juice, muffins and the farmers' market outside the zendo.

Sign-in begins at 9:45 am near the side entrance of the zendo.

Suggested donation: $20 per family

Program Coordinators:

  • Meikyo Chelsea True
  • Patty Bradford
Contact Information:

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The Three Lamps:
I vow to develop a kind heart.
I vow to develop a clear mind.
I vow to honor the Triple Treasure.

Closing Verse:
Body like the mountain.
Heart like the ocean.
Mind like the sky.
—Eihei Dogen