January 2018 Intensive at Green Dragon Temple, GGF 1/6 – 1/28

Led by Senior Dharma Teacher Tenshin Reb Anderson
Saturday, January 6 (arrival day) – Sunday, January 28

The Pivotal Activity of All Buddhas: Face to Face Transmission in Zazen

You are welcome to apply to our annual three-week retreat, which offers an opportunity to join the Green Dragon Community in a period of intensive monastic Zen practice. Our schedule will include morning, afternoon, and evening meditation; formal (oryoki) meals, periods of work practice, dharma talks, classes, and group discussions. There will also be formal and informal meetings with teachers, and classes given by the leader of the Intensive. The Intensive will conclude with a five-day sesshin.

This retreat will offer a path to realize the intimate face to face transmission of the buddhas and ancestors through wholehearted meeting and conversing in stillness.

Dogen Zenji celebrates this zazen in the following poem:

The pivotal activity of all buddhas,
The active pivot of all ancestors

It is present as not thinking (and thinking)
It is complete as not interacting (and interacting)

Present as not thinking (and thinking),
  this presence is intimate of itself.
Complete as not interacting (and interacting),
  this completion is verified of itself.

This presence that is intimate of itself
  is never defiled.
This completion that is verified of itself
  Is never absolute or relative

Intimacy that is never defiled, this intimacy is
  liberated without relying on anything
Verification that is never absolute or relative, this
  Verification is genuine, actualized without any attempt.

The water is clear to the bottom: fish swim like fish.
The sky is vast reaching into the heavens: birds fly like birds.

Sample Schedule & Guidelines: [Word] [PDF]

To Apply:

  • Download an application: [Word] [PDF] Please send your application, photograph, and other correspondence and queries to Reb’s assistant—see the next bullet point for the email address.
  • Email your application to the Assistant to Tenshin Reb Anderson at rebassistant@sfzc.org. Mailing address: Assistant to Tenshin Reb Anderson, Green Gulch Farm, 1601 Shoreline Highway, Sausalito, CA 94965


    • Non-refundable application fee: $30. This fee can be paid by check. (Register Online option for paying this fee is not available at this time.)
    • Intensive fees*:
      • $1,070 – shared student housing
      • $1,365 – shared guest housing
      • $1,815 – private guest housing (if available)
      • Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card in US DOLLARS ONLY. Green Gulch cannot accept payment in foreign currencies.
      • Some partial scholarships may be available upon request. Contact the Green Gulch Farm director (ggfdirector@sfzc.org).
      • Please contact the the Assistant to Tenshin Reb Anderson at rebassistant@sfzc.org if you need an early acceptance notification to book flights and make similar arrangements.

    Deadline for applications: November 21. Late applications will be considered in mid-December, if space allows.

    *The fees for the Green Gulch Farm January Intensive do not fully cover the cost of maintaining Green Gulch Farm during the month of January. Please consider making a donation to San Francisco Zen Center to support the Intensive and the precious training and teachings offered at Green Gulch Farm–Green Dragon Temple, now and in the future. Thank you.