Daily Schedule

Weekly Schedule*

5:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation)
5:40 Kinhin (walking meditation)
5:50 Zazen
6:30 Service
7:00 Soji (temple cleaning)

5:00 pm Zazen
5:50 Service

Wednesday Morning
During the growing season only
5:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation)
5:40 Refuges
5:50 Change into work clothes and work in the garden or fields until 7 am
Contact office for more information.

Wednesday Evening
During farming season—May through September
7:15 pm Lecture/Dharma event
During practice periods-October through April
7:30 pm Lecture/Dharma event
Contact office for more information.

*Though the meditation hall (zendo) is usually open daily for meditation, the schedule varies at times; for example, following sesshins there is an interim, during which the first period of meditation is at 5:50 am. Also, the evening sitting is offered on days that vary according to the season. Please call our office (see below) for the current schedule.

Sunday Morning Schedule
Same as weekdays, until
8:15 am Zazen Meditation Instruction**
9:15 Zazen
10:00 Public lecture: Dharma talk (hearing assistance available)
11:15 Tea
11:45 Discussion with lecturer
12:15 Lunch: $15 donation requested***

The Sunday morning program is open to all; prior registration is not required. A $10-20 donation is requested in support of the temple, and a $10-15 donation for lunch. A special children's program is held on the first Sunday of every month.

**Doors close for the meditation instruction at 8:15 am, so if this is your first visit to Green Gulch please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

***Our only public lunch is on Sunday, for those who attend the dharma talk. We are unable to provide meals for the public at any other time during the week.

General Notes

  • Please note the appropriate clothing for the meditation hall: Skirts or pants are worn below the knee in length; shirts have sleeves covering the shoulders. Hats or other head coverings are traditionally not worn, and we request that you do not use perfumes or scented lotions. Thank you very much.
  • An assisted hearing system is available for Green Gulch Dharma talks. Please ask the Ino for a receiver before lecture.
  • Your donations are gratefully received and help us to maintain all of Zen Center's programs.
  • Practice at Zen Center is open to all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical ability.

To contact the Green Gulch Farm office, call 415.383.3134 or come by in person during office hours.