Greens Restaurant at Fort Mason

Greens logoGreens Restaurant, located in a converted warehouse at historic Fort Mason, opened in 1979 under the auspices of the San Francisco Zen Center.

Greens was largely built by and provided an opportunity for Zen students to work together, thus extending their Buddhist practice into the workplace. For many years, the only employees at Greens were Zen students. Traditionally, Buddhists have valued being in the world with an attitude of attentiveness and taking care - the basic elements of service. Greens provided, and still provides, an opportunity to put these basic values into practice.

Annie Somerville, Head ChefThis continues to be the primary purpose for Greens and for its Head Chef, Annie Somerville - to be of service. This is manifested by providing wholesome food in lovely surroundings and, most importantly, by taking care of those who visit the restaurant.

Greens Restaurant established fine vegetarian cuisine on a level with other high-profile dining restaurants. Today we are surprised if a good restaurant does NOT have vegetarian options. Greens helped pave the way for this acceptance.

SF Zen Center's Green Gulch Farm, from its well-established large organic farm and garden, provides the restaurant with a variety of organic produce year round. For several decades, Green Gulch Farm has been a model of sustainable organic farming and gardening.