Propose a Retreat

Each year from late April to early September, Tassajara opens its gates for the summer guest season. Our guests find refuge in the untouched natural environment of Tassajara and its compassionate resident community of Zen practitioners. 

Many people come to participate in one of the 50+ retreats offered during the guest season. Tassajara invites guests to join with a wealth of teachers, and explore the variety of ways that a retreat and Zen Buddhism can inform and enrich their lives.

Whatever the discipline, each retreat is combined with the awareness cultivated through Zen meditation, allowing the retreat experience of one tradition to be enriched by the other. Retreats include plenty of free time to enjoy the baths, hike, or simply rest and savor a cup of tea.

One of the aspects that makes a retreat at Tassajara unique is the addition of a Zen teacher who co-leads the retreat. The Zen teacher will lead one or two short periods of meditation during the day and give a dharma talk. They will be available throughout the retreat to answer any questions that may come up related to Zen practice and be a guide and a resource for the group. This model gives the retreat participants an opportunity to be exposed to the basics of Zen Buddhist practice and enables them to have direct access to someone who has studied Zen Buddhism at one of Zen Centers three temples.