Poetry as Dharma, Dharma as Poetry: An Evening of Poetry, Online 12/14

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December 14, 2023 / 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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Classes & Extended Courses

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Join us for an enchanting evening of poetry as we delve into the profound worlds created by esteemed poets John High and Norman Fischer.

About the Books:

Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper by John High: A remarkable fusion of Zen teachings and vivid imagination, this work is both a poem and a novel. Dive into a rich tapestry of tales interwoven with the mystery, pain, and majesty of the religious journey. John's Zen-inflected narrative is adorned with stunning enso paintings, embodying his travels and experiences over the years. It is a poetic journey that mirrors the dance between the temporal and the eternal, inviting readers into a world where every line resonates with profound wisdom and creativity.

Men in Suits by Norman Fischer: A compelling critique of society's neglect of humanity, Fischer's verses traverse the landscape of contemporary America with unyielding honesty. Harnessing the voices of varied personalities—from TV shows to Shakespeare, Fischer's poetry serves as a searing reflection on themes like race, politics, and spirituality. As he weaves fury with redemption, Fischer offers a bold examination of the aesthetic life, challenging, inspiring, and illuminating readers with every word.

About the Authors:

Ninso John High, a Zen monk, poet, and global traveler, has received numerous accolades and fellowships for his poetry and translations. His body of work captures the essence of Zen teachings, intermingling them with his profound insights on life and the human experience. Find his ensōs on Instagram: @ninso_

Zoketsu Norman Fischer, a Soto Zen Buddhist priest, poet, and essayist, has been an unwavering voice in the literary scene since the late 1970s. His writings, spanning decades, have probed the complexities of human existence, faith, and society. Norman's profound reflections have shaped a generation of readers and seekers, urging them to explore the depths of their own consciousness.

Both authors will enrich the evening with their readings and insights. Immerse yourself in this poetic journey and witness the union of Zen teachings and poetic mastery.

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