Cracking Open the Heart Sutra, Online 7/9

Practice Center
Date / Time
July 9, 2022 / 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Event Type
Workshops and Retreats

The Zoom link to participate in the workshop portion of this event will be provided at least 24 hours before it begins. Please call 415-354-0360 if you have any questions.

Saturday, 2 – 4 pm PT

During this two-hour workshop, we will be cracking open the Dharma nutshell that holds the Heart Sutra, a teaching in which the approaches to enlightenment in early Buddhism meet the Prajnaparamita (perfection of wisdom), enter the womb of emptiness, and engender baby buddhas. What could go wrong?

The format will be the use of a Powerpoint presentation so that everyone can see what is being examined, reviewing the Heart Sutra line by line, section by section, seeing how it was put together, and why. It is a short sutra; there will be time for discussion and Q&A.

Bill Porter/Red Pine's book The Heart Sutra is available through the SFZC Online Store.

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  • General: $50
  • Current SFZC members: $45
  • Sliding Scale 1: $30
  • Sliding Scale 2: $12.50

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