HeartMind: Zen and Art Retreat, GGF 7/7 - 7/11

Practice Center
Date / Time
Jul 7, 2020 / 4:00pm - Jul 11, 2020 / 12:00pm
Event Type
Workshops and Retreats

Tuesday, 3 pm – Sunday, 1 pm
In Stillwater Hall

Beginners are most welcome! Please bring all your own art supplies.

In this silent retreat*, we’ll approach Art and Zen as synonyms for an embodied practice of radical welcoming; an unrepeatable synthesis of compassion and curiosity revealing ever-changing insights/delights. HeartMind aspires to reawaken living connection to your inherent luminosity.

As an ephemeral sangha of heartful strangers newly-constellated,we will experientially endeavor into the uncanny realm of bodhicitta (“awakening heart/mind”), where our aspiration for all beings to be free from suffering (including ourselves!) directly engages the diverse texture of ordinary mind.

Each person’s unique heart-mind is forever creating and art-making out of the already/always awakened body. The only site of enlightenment is within the body, so aesthetics, actions of interdependent kinship and liberated expression are aspects of the same path we travel as individuals, as creatives and meditators, as activists, as a species.

Our journey will be to cultivate radical spaciousness by thoroughly settling into our non-conceptual body and allowing awareness “with total trust to roam and play in samadhi” (Chinese Zen ancestor Hongzhi). Gentle movement, attention to the breath, walking meditation and keen intention to create a stable, free-flowing posture in seated meditation will be daily aspects of the container.

Guided creative exercises (brushwork, writing/journaling, outdoor organic materials divination, aimless wandering) will be offered each day, with creative shares in the afternoon periods. There will be plenty of time to follow your Muse, as well as attuning to your body and the great body of the Earth.

We value the wisdom of the group, and find that the authentic and vulnerable opportunity to share creative work offers a profound dharma opportunity to study the self, release negative self-criticism and feel the tangible lovingkindness of sangha-community.

*Choosing to share space in silence together with others is a powerful means of tuning one's awareness to different frequencies than our default socio-linguistic form of interaction. Silence allows for limbic resonance and foregrounds how much of our lives occur isolated in our “left brain” thinking. Silence aids in re-turning to our hara, our energetic-bodily center, and allowing for wisdom to flow up rather than concepts to flow down.

For more information, including a sample schedule, please visit: artmonastery.org

Inspiring Readings: These resources will inform the retreat and hopefully inspire, but will not be used as “textbooks” and are not required.

  • World As Lover, World As Self, Joanna Macy
  • Conflict Resolution For Holy Beings, Joy Harjo
  • Training In Compassion, Norman Fischer
  • Drawing Your Own Path, John Simon
  • Morning Altars, Day Schildkret
  • The Awakening Body and The Practice of Pure Awareness, Reginald Ray
  • Turn This World Inside Out, Nora Samaran
  • Pleasure Activism, adrienne maree brown
Fee Information

Fees: $300; $270 current SFZC members; $210 limited income. Some partial scholarships available.

  • Please note that the retreat fee does not include accommodations. For overnight accommodations including three meals per full day, please call the Green Gulch office at 415-383-3134.
  • Some partial scholarships available.
  • No commuter registrations will be accepted until the guest accommodations are full. Commuters may sign up to be on a waiting list and, if space opens, $15 per meal will be added to the retreat fee.
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