Levity and Lightfulness for the Everyday, CC 10/8 - canceled

Practice Center
Date / Time
October 8, 2022 / 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Event Type
Workshops and Retreats

Saturday, 1 – 4 pm PT, in the Conference Center at 308 Page Street, SF

If your peri-pandemic world seems full of stress, worries, and existential angst, switch gears, and investigate your world of delight. If you are wishing for authentic levity, and meaningful pathways beyond the mundane, come explore a series of practices that can bring lightness and humor into everyday activity. Open up your sense of fun, and funny, your lightheartedness, perhaps even your ridiculousness and absurdity. Then channel your subtler sense of humor to open up a lighter place in body and mind.

The workshop demands your active participation. Open mindful movement, voice and spirit to develop humorous non-verbal vocabulary. Strengthen the inner neural pathways that channel lightness and levity. The workshop’s explorations draw from physical theater practices, clownzen improvisations, and elements from butoh dance. We will care for body and voice using Qigong, Feldenkrais movement, Shintaido, and practice kinhin (walking meditation).

Weather permitting, the middle part of the workshop will take place outdoors across the street from SFZC in Koshland Park.

Fee Information
  • General $75
  • Current SFZC Members $67.50
  • Sliding Scale 1: $45
  • Sliding Scale 2: $20

For additional discount options, please email us at rezoffice@sfzc.org.

This offering is open to those who:
- are fully vaccinated, including booster, for Covid-19
- take a Covid-19 rapid antigen home test before coming on the day of the event (and have a negative result)
- agree to wear N95 or KN95 masks at all times when indoors

Event canceled.

Or call 415-354-0360.

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