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The Four Foundations of Mindfulness and Recovery: Awakening Fully to Our Lives

with Ryotan Cynthia Kear and Ko-Shin Steven Tierney
May 12-15, 2014 (Monday-Thursday)

A retreat for people in recovery.

Please join Cynthia Kear and Steven Tierney as we explore the twining threads of practice and recovery amid the whole and beautiful setting of Tassajara.

Using the classic Buddhist teaching of The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, we will inquire into what it is to be truly awake; in our bodies, in our feelings and in our conscious minds. In the intimacy of sangha we'll delve into this sutra's many rich offerings, which include practicing Clear Comprehension as well as the Seven Factors of Enlightenment (Mindfulness, Investigation, Energy, Joy, Tranquility, Concentration and Equanimity).

This workshop will not be a lecture-and-listen experience. Rather, we will offer a highly accessible and practical workshop, perfect for people at all levels of recovery and practice, with teaching and insights you can grasp and apply immediately.

Retreat fee: $240 ($204/member)

Please note that the retreat fee does not include accommodations. Retreats begin late afternoon on the indicated start date and end in the morning on the indicated end date. Visit the Rooms & Rates section and determine your preferred accommodations before making your reservations request online.