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Mindful Living: Livelihood, Visioning, Leadership, Well-being

Reawaken and refresh the wisdom of your own body and mind to illuminate your work or lifestyle, as well as professional and personal relationships and goals. SFZC has sent many skilled and compassionate teachers into the “marketplace”—the wide world beyond our peaceful valley. They return, joined by widely-received experts from a variety of fields, to offer opportunities for clarity, inner understanding, and satisfaction.

May 2015
05/19 - 05/22 Tassajara Practice is Recovery, Recovery is Practice
05/27 - 05/31 Tassajara Finding Equanimity in a Difficult Profession: A Retreat for Lawyers

June 2015
06/04 - 06/04 Tassajara Know Yourself, Forget Yourself: The Mindful Leader
06/29 - 07/02 Tassajara Opening and Closing, like Bird Wings: Mindfulness and Zen Meditation

July 2015
07/31 - 08/02 Tassajara Embracing Change: Zen and the Art of Creating a Life You Want

August 2015
08/10 - 08/13 Tassajara Real Leadership: Inspiration from the Life of the Buddha
08/20 - 08/23 Tassajara True Person Retreat: Discovering the Life You’re Meant to Live
08/28 - 08/31 Tassajara Getting to What Matters: More Love, Less Stuff