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The Heart of the Great Matter: Lessons for Living from Being with Dying

with Frank Ostaseski and Martha deBarros
August 19-21 (Friday-Sunday)
$170 ($145/Member)

No prior experience required.
This workshop is open to all.

Explore your relationship to death and learn how being with dying can teach you about living a wise and loving life.

The tragedy in dying is not that life is impermanent. It is that we wait until the end to discover what really matters. These two old friends will guide us in a caring conversation about the precarious nature of life and how that can help us appreciate its preciousness. Death offers a clear mirror in which to see our daily choices. It shows us what has meaning and value. It reminds us not to waste time, lending a power, grace and fullness to every moment. Together, we will explore our relationship to death and, in the process, learn how being with dying can you teach about living a wise and loving life.