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Guest Practice Retreats (Half Schedule)

Guest Practice Retreatants stay in our guest facilities, join residents in early morning meditation and work with the community until noon. After lunch your time is unscheduled until the next morning. This is a good way to combine a private retreat with participation in the life and practice of the community.

We offer the program Sunday through Thursday nights, with a three-night minimum. The cost is $60 per day and includes meals and tax. If this is your first time as a Guest Practice Retreatant, you must arrive on a Sunday in order to receive an orientation after dinner. (Check-in is at 3:00pm, dinner at 6:00pm.)

Reservations: (415) 383-3134

As a Guest Practice Retreatant you will work one morning for each night you stay at Green Gulch. Please report to the Guest Student Manager at the 8:30am work meeting on the day after you arrive. Plan to work on the morning of your departure and depart after lunch.


(During Interim periods the schedule starts at 5:50am instead of 5:00am)
For meditation, please enter the Zendo (meditation hall) through Cloud Hall.

5:00am   Zazen (meditation)
5:40    Kinhin (walking meditation)
5:50    Zazen
6:30    Service (chanting and bowing)
7:00    Soji (temple cleaning)
7:15    Breakfast (silent first ten minutes)
8:30    Work Meeting (in enclosed deck area upstairs)
8:30    Work (meet the Guest Student Manager and guest students in the dining room)
12:15pm Lunch (silent first ten minutes)
5:15    Zazen (optional)
5:50    Service (optional)
6:00    Dinner
7:30    (or 7:50) Zazen (optional)

Please participate in the morning program each morning that you are here. If you are just beginning to sit zazen and you have difficulty with the full schedule, you may sit the second period only. In this case, please be at the inside entryway to the meditation hall at 5:45am for 5:50am zazen.