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Zen of Work: Online Course, 5/5 - 6/1/13

May 5 - June 1, 2013
with Do-On Robert Thomas and Leo Babauta

Explore the Power of the Moment

Our lives are too often spent busy, jumping from one task to another, with meetings, emails, calls, texts, distractions, interruptions, annoyances, frustrating co-workers.

How can we find peace in the middle of this chaos? The answer is mindfulness, and changing our mindless habits.

In this month-long online offering, you'll learn simple habits of mindfulness that can transform your everyday work life, improving health, stress, effectiveness, relationships and happiness. The course will include advanced practices for repeating students or experienced meditators.

Zen teacher Do-On Robert Thomas of San Francisco Zen Center and Leo Babauta of Zen Habits explore the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.

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Fees: The regular price for the course is $175. For members discount ($150) please visit our members discount page.

To Register and for more information: visit the Zen of Work website.