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Art Exhibit: Spirit as Art / Art as Spirit
Paintings by Sofia Carmi and Brent Bushnell, September 2013

A joint show by Sofia Carmi and her partner Brent Bushnell

September 1 - 30, 2013
In the City Center Art Lounge
300 Page Street
San Francisco

Reception: Friday, Sep 20, 7 - 9 pm

This couple has often shown their artwork together, which they say complements both their work and their relationship, and the Spirit as Art and the Art as Spirit.  The works are dynamic and boldly convey the feelings and emotions of the artists.

Artist's Statement: Sofia Carmi

In this exhibit I present my kabbalah diagrams and triangles series which connects my spiritual mystical exploration in painting. I meditate before painting. It is a process to slow down and focus on both the outer and inner world, which is then captured in color and form on canvas. I use the five elements of fire, earth, water, air and spirit. Some of my paintings are more spontaneous whereas most of this series is more of a contemplative journey inspired by my search for poetry in paint. Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder are poets who have inspired me. I currently live in San Francisco and have exhibited nationally and internationally.

Artist's Statement: Brent Bushnell

These paintings are in oil often with other media on canvas. Surface texture is important. The triangle and square have many connotations in spiritual and esoteric traditions as well as philosophy and physics. I find these forms very useful in trying to express the inexpressible – part of the ongoing creative search for answers not yet given. The paintings are like reports from the field of my investigations. They are metaphysical in content and are intended to prompt meditation, speculation and mental traveling about the nature of reality, inner and outer space; As Above – So Below.