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Art Exhibit, October 2013: "With Music"
Paintings by Yuko Kitaura

October 1 - 31, 2013
In the City Center Art Lounge
300 Page Street
San Francisco

Japanese water color and sumi on washi (Japanese paper)

Artist's Statement: Yuko Kitaura

I love music. And I often think how beautiful it would be if we could hear the music that our lives create.

I believe everyone has their own internal music, and that you can hear this music if you try to listen. I always feel my own music, sometimes strong and sometimes faint. Sometimes I feel as though I am losing my music, but I know it is still somewhere in me, surrounding me. I always need to find my music. It is my friend, and a guiding sign in my life.

Our personal music, even if not expressed, helps make our lives flavorful and rich. When I spend time with friends, or when I do things as simple as watch frogs in a pond, burn the rice in the pot on an oven—or even suddenly confront an evil spirit—my music is there to help me.

Yuko Kitaura was born in Japan, where she studied oil painting at Ochanomizu Art College. Her skill in sumi painting is self-taught, begun after she came to United States about 30 years ago. She has participated in the East Bay Open Studio since 1991, as well as in various solo and group shows in the past.

For more about her work, see artyuko.com